Where to buy Phen375 and why buy from there

Phen375 - 4 bottles
Phen375 - 4 bottles

Daily, thousands of people from all over the world are buying Phen375. But the problem is, some of these buyers ended up either getting fake product that does more harm than good to their body, paying hefty prices, having their credit card automatically recharged without their consent, or did not even get the product at all.

Now, the question is why have all these things happened? Well, very clearly, these people did not know the proper place to purchase this fat burner and they ended up buying it from the wrong place; hence getting scammed.

If you are one of the potential buyers and you want to avoid all these problems, you have to know where to buy this product and why you should buy it from there.

Where to buy Phen375

The best way to finding out where to buy Phen375 and getting the most accurate answer is to ask the product’s manufacturer direct. In this case, after verifying with the Phen375 manufacturer – RDK Global, it is now confirmed that you can buy Phen375 online from Phen375.com, which is the official website for this fat burner.

Any other online stores that I can buy Phen375?

Now you may ask, "What if I want to buy Phen375 in the U.S., UK, Canada, South Africa, UAE, Australia, New Zealand; or any other part of the world. Can I order it on-line from any other web-stores?" The answer is NO. Besides the official website, you won't be able to get it anywhere else; not even eBay or Amazon.

Where can I buy genuine Phen375 in stores?

I’m sorry to tell you that Phen375 is not available for sale in stores anywhere in the world. Therefore you cannot obtain it OTC, not even from those larger establishments such as Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, Wal-Mart, or Medicine Shoppe.

This means the only option that you have is still to buy online from the Phen375 website.

Why buy from Phen375.com?

According to the Phen375 producer - RDK Global, this website is the only one place on earth that is authorized to sell Phen375 and this is the only way where you can buy the authentic product, legitimately. This is the primary reason why you should order this weight loss solution from the respective site.

On top of this, there are many other reasons why you should buy this product from the official site, such as:

Buying Phen375 from Phen375.com is the only way to ensure you of:

  • Original and genuine product - You are guaranteed to receive the authentic, original and genuine Phen375 which really works without dangerous side effects. The manufacturer – RDK Pharmaceuticals, ensures you the quality and safety of this fat burning supplement.
  • Special discount - The seller is currently offering a very special “DISCOUNT” in the form of free extra bonus for all of the purchasers. For a package of 3 bottles of 30 pills each, i.e. 90 pills in total that you order, you are offered 1 bottle of 30 tablets free of charge. Instead of paying $279.80 ($69.95 x 4 bottles), now you only need to pay a much lower price, i.e. $227.80. If you do a calculation in monetary value, you get a $52.00 discount on your purchase, which is a huge saving for you.
  • Manufacturer Cash Rebate Program - A special coupon code is given allowing you to enjoy instant savings of either $20 or $40 discount. The codes are mfgr_rebate_20 - $20 discount on order over $80 in value & mfgr_rebate_40 - $40 cash rebate on order over $140 in value. Just present this code on your next order, to buy Phen375 at a cheaper price for one time only.
  • Free diet plans and workout videos - Diet plans that teach you what to and what not to, when and when not to eat food in order to lose weight; and a video showing all the necessary workouts to be performed in order to lose weight fast with Phen375; will be yours free that come with your purchase.
  • 30 day return policy - In case you feel something is wrong with your Phen375 purchase, you can return this product and ask for a refund within the 30 days of ordering.
  • Different payment options - You can opt to pay for your purchase in US Dollars ($), Euro (€) or GB Pound (£) and you can make the payment by Discover, credit or debit card.

However, getting Phen375 from the official website is not 100% joyous, as there are certain limitations as well.

Disadvantages of buying Phen375 from the official site

Let’s see all the disadvantages when you have no choice but to buy Phen375 from the official website:

  • No discount coupons are provided – There is totally no option to add discount coupons to your Phen375 order.
  • Long shipping time – All shipments are done from only one location in the United States i.e. Dallas. So, delivery may sometimes take up to 2 weeks; especially for those customers living in overseas.

How much does Phen375 cost?

There are three different packages on sale, each priced differently. The basic i.e. the smallest package (30 pills - for 14 days usage) costs $69.95. The price for one month supply, medium-sized package of 60 tabs is $138.90. The largest, which is also the most preferred option - the 120 tablets for 60 days use is charged at $227.80.

Buy Phen375

The product's official site offers three different packages for you to choose from. Just select one which is most appropriate for you and make your purchase.

Phen375 PackagesPrices (USD)
1 bottle (30 tablets = 2 week usage)$69.95
2 bottles (60 tablets = 30 day supply)$138.90
4 bottles (3 + 1 bottle free) = 120 tablets (90 + 30 free) = 60 days' use$227.80

Which option should I choose?

This involves some calculations but it all depends on your budget.

The most affordable 1 bottle pack costs $69.95. If you divide the price by the number of pills in the bottle i.e.30; it's $2.33/pill.

Using the same math’s formula again, it costs $2.31/pill for the medium-size package and $1.90/pill for the biggest package.

Delivery charges are another cost factor to be taken into account of your Phen375 purchase. It varies following the locations to be delivered. However, there is not much difference in the pricing between the three different Phen375 options. This means the largest parcel bears the lowest rate.

Having done the calculations, now it all depends on your budget. If money is not a problem, I'd recommend you to get the $227.80 - 120 tabs pack as in real term it is the cheapest option which enables you the greatest savings.

You can click here to order Phen375

Otherwise, just select whatever within your means.


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